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Customers' Testimonials

Dynamic E-Commerce Group

Merchant Helper, our flagship software, allows any merchant to create an Internet Storefront (or an Electronic Catalog) quickly with no programming experience required. 2DEG was founded with a company vision to enable merchants to sell their products on the Internet with affordable, professional software that is easy to use. Merchants who prefer online real-time credit card processing on the Internet may purchase Merchant Helper Pro. Both versions automatically generate E-commerce enabled web pages and scripts. To protect sensitive information transmitted on the Internet, 2DEG provides a secure server (SSL) service to give your shoppers the extra security and comforts.

Merchant Helper 4.2 Product Highlights

Provides Secure Transactions for Your Business
As a registered Merchant Helper customer, 2DEG provides a secure server for your shopping site free for 1 full year. Subsequent years cost only $79.95 to be collected on a yearly basis. With the secure server, your potential customers will feel secure to place orders on your shopping site. The cost to acquire and setup your own secure server normally costs ~$600 per year.

No Scripts/Programs Compilation
Most shopping cart software require you to compile CGI programs on your ISP's server for the shopping site to work. This can be problematic, troublesome, and sometimes frustrating. With Merchant Helper, there is not a single CGI program to compile.

Your Web pages can be hosted anywhere
Since the shopping site generated by Merchant Helper does not depend on any CGI programs on your ISP's server, your web pages can be hosted virtually anywhere. You are not restricted to your ISP's capabilities.

Easy to Use with Flexibilities
Merchant Helper is so simple to use and very user-friendly. No programming knowledge is required. You enter the product information right from your PC. Preview your shopping site and upload your web pages to the Internet using Merchant Helper. Merchant Helper generates all necessary codes.

View Your Product Images and Web Pages Within Merchant Helper
Merchant Helper has the ability to display your product images and web pages directly from within the software, a missing feature in many other shopping cart software packages. Merchant Helper also automatically detects the presence of Microsoft Internet Explorer and use it to render java enabled/newer version of HTML web page within Merchant Helper.

Supports Categories and Sub-categories
Merchant Helper supports categories and sub-categories structures, another missing feature in a lot of shopping cart software packages. Creating a hyper-link is simple and easy. Merchant Helper supports unlimited number of hyper-links to any depth, so you can build flexible, and informative shopping sites.

Allows Item Association
Merchant Helper allows you to associate an item with other items by means of item association. Once items are associated, Merchant Helper creates hyper-links to those items. This enables item cross-selling opportunity.

Personalize Items
Merchant Helper allows you to personalize an item with unlimited number of fields.

Localization Is Possible
All texts output by Merchant Helper on generated pages are modifiable. You may define your own texts or localize the texts to a different language such as Spanish, German, or etc.

Smooth Integration into Existing Web Pages
Merchant Helper can easily integrate with web pages created by other HTML authoring tools such as Microsoft Front Page or Visual Page.

Flexible Shipping Methods
With Merchant Helper, you can specify your shipping charge by weight, percentage of the subtotal, a fixed amount plus the percentage of the subtotal, or fixed shipping cost for an item.

Supports Data Import
Merchant Helper provides the capability to import your product information from a comma/tab delimited data file as long as the data conforms to Merchant Helper's specification.

Supports Unlimited Options/Quantity Volume Discount
You can define unlimited options for an item in Merchant Helper. In addition, you may also define quantity volume discount.

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